Kevin Stillwell

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Telephone: 023 8072 7180



Kevin Stillwell heads the Medical Partnership team at Stillwells Solicitors, and is recognised as one of the leaders in the field of medical partnership work and related services for GPs.

As a property lawyer in the 1980s, Kevin began to develop a niche practice advising GP Partnerships which has grown to point where he now acts almost exclusively for doctors’ practices and has an established client base of over 350 GP Partnerships.

Kevin’s practice focuses upon advising on partnership formations, mergers, partnership deeds, partnership changes, disputes and a number of other issues associated with GP practices’ federations. He is also frequently asked to help put in place company, shareholder and limited liability partnership agreements for ventures ancillary to core GP practice. In addition, he specialises in surgery relocations and new builds, where practices take leases of newly constructed surgery buildings from specialist developers. In these instances, Kevin deals with all related idiosyncrasies, including particularly the linking of rent to reimbursement. At any one time, Kevin is likely to have several such ongoing projects.

At Stillwells Solicitors, Kevin is assisted in his work by two non-contentious colleagues, particularly in relation to property matters and surgery remortgages, and two litigation colleagues, well placed to deal with partnership disputes and employment issues arising in general practice.

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